Raw Conversations About Hope and Justice

Angelo Blancaflor

Passion Talks 2021 Track Chair

Justice and Bridge Building Session Chair 

The work of creating vulnerable and honest space is challenging, and worthy, but I believe that God invites us to build hopeful spaces, full of hospitality, for those around us. Spaces where each person can engage injustice in their lives and in the world at their own pace. 

This is the hope in Jesus that I hold. As an evangelism trainer and evangelist with InterVarsity, I know that followers of Jesus are called to be bridge builders, linking the Kingdom of Hope with the unjust world we live in. 

So, at Passion Talks 2021, I am hosting a conversation about hope and justice. I’ve invited speakers who have lived in the tension of holding space for hope. A lifetime dedicated to prayer. A season dedicated to grief. A ministry founded on sharing stories that build bridges.

And I’ve invited some dear friends to interpret the moment for us – a pandemic friendship fueled on finding the middle ground, and a co-laborer in the work of creating a third way through division.

I acknowledge that this is not an easy task. This session might challenge you as you hold space for stories that are raw and honest, or that stretch your capacity to understand other perspectives. I believe that we will all learn more about the very real act of carrying hope and sharing it with others. 

My hope is that we can come together in humility and dialogue and give our friends and neighbors the words that they might not have yet. That we can build a time and place where we invite others to be honest and vulnerable and receive their perspective and life story. 

And that Jesus will comfort us in the ambiguity of trusting and building bridges with the stories and experiences that we have.

Let’s make it easier for each other to hold onto hope and imagine a world without injustice. Let’s build bridges towards each other. Please join us on Saturday, August 14 at 5pm Pacific. 

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