We are an intellectual faith movement where humble dialogue generates opportunities to understand creation’s original purpose. We believe that it is mind+spirit not mind vs. spirit that’s key to bringing forth compelling creativity, innovation, justice and truth that leads to action. Passion Talks answers why we do what we do, why we care and how this ties to our personal story. We seek to answer both why and how to live for a better world.

In engaging with the global voices, Academic Bridges was founded on a dream to bring academics from around the world to solve big problems. The idea is that if student-leaders from various under-resourced nations came to the Silicon Valley, we could impart to them the entrepreneurial and creative visionary gifts that uniquely reside in the Valley while they would bring their unique piece of the puzzle. Building radical connections would enable a whole new level of problem-solving not seen in the world previously. These students would be mentored and educated in leadership skills that are often times not built into their home country curriculum. They could return to their countries with renewed vision and vigor to begin to make substantive change.

Passion Talks grew from meetings at Stanford and UC Berkeley before moving to Google. Over our 10-year history, we’ve expanded tracks, number of speakers and locations, launched new tracks we remain committed to bringing you fresh perspective around the intersection of faith and purpose.