Reconsidering Work

by Jason Rahman, Passion Talks 2021 Session Chair

At the height of the pandemic early last year, I found myself wrestling with how to practically walk out my faith. Other Christians sprang into action to serve their neighbors: delivering groceries, checking in on those in need, and seeking creative ways to support others. But I was at a loss about my own role. Meanwhile, as lockdowns swept the globe, online platforms became the primary or only means to retain a semblance of relational connection. Working as a software developer at a tech company, my workload increased dramatically as we grappled with this deluge of traffic. Within a couple of weeks, I had an epiphany: the best way to serve was continuing to do excellent work to keep the platform running so billions could stay in touch with friends and loved ones.

That moment of enlightenment became an opportunity to dramatically reconsider how I viewed my work as an opportunity to love and serve my neighbor. Regardless of job role, I realized that performing excellent work amidst the difficulties and trials was a more significant way we could serve our neighbor than I had imagined. Merely “keeping the lights on” in such dire circumstances becomes a significant act of service to our neighbors who rely on our work.

Similarly, the upheaval of the past year has forced many of us to reconsider what our work means. The added difficulty of remote work, unexpected transitions out of or into a role, and the trials we’ve all endured have led to a re-alignment of our priorities and reevaluation of our workplace callings. Corporate leadership is abuzz with chatter of a pending “Great Resignation” and “Big Quit” as many prepare to leave roles, companies, or even careers thanks to the added perspective the pandemic provided. Against this backdrop of transition and turmoil in the career space, our Marketplace Session, “God’s Work At Work,” will dive into how we can contextualize our work in the broader perspective of our faith.

Our aim for the “God’s Work At Work” session is to holistically explore our vocational calling through a range of lenses. Just as the church is built up by the varied giftings of the saints, our presence in the workplace is felt through many manifestations of our faith. To some, this looks like direct relational evangelism. For others, it involves developing a deeper appreciation for work as an expression of God’s character as a creator, sustainer, and redeemer. For many, it centers on stewardship of resources and gifts. Others yet, the ways our work contributes to the flourishing of society and the dispensation of common grace. The list goes on and on.

Over a series of talks, we’ll explore a number of these different facets of how our faith and work intersect and begin to lay a groundwork to develop meaningful pathways to realize these intersections. In this season as many explore what their next vocational steps look like, we hope this session provides inspiration and guidance for how God could be moving in your workplace and professional life.

Join us this Friday August 13th and Saturday August 14th for Passion Talks 2021 on Facebook Live.

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