Passion Talks – Over 40 topics announced for our 2022 virtual conference!

The Passion Talks 2022 Program Committee is excited to announce over 40 talks being presented at this year’s virtual conference. Topics are organized into galleries for communities interested in Solving Addiction, Innovative Education, Artistic Expressions of Resistance, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain in an interactive meeting space. See all the talks and speakers at

Due to the depth of topics, attendance is primarily focused on speakers speaking to those in their communities. We are focused on creating communities of quality attendees, so that people are able to meet the right collaborators and receive constructive feedback/encouragement on their ideas. If you would like to join us in building flourishing cultures through our passions, please fill out this form: November 5th, 2022 – 9 – 11 am PACIFIC.

☝️ Here is a quick look at what the experience was like last year. Join us for this unique interactive experience! 5th, 2022 – 9 – 11 am PACIFIC.

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  1. chriscavi says:

    How to join the event?????????????????????????????????? No confirmation email with link??? No join info on website???

  2. chriscavi says:

    Thanks, Danny, for your reply. I tried everything – had to reset password, etc – logged in – but still no JOIN HERE button or URL anywhere to be found. This is far too complicated and non-intuitive. Let’s pray for someone with UI experience to be involved for future events. Maybe the Lord is telling me not to join(?) – or is the enemy trying to get in the way(?) – why so complicated?

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