What is next for Passion Talks

It has been more than 10 days since the 2nd Passion Talks happened, perhaps enough time for the excitement of the day to have faded considerably, and therefore, perhaps a good time for us to remember what we set out to do.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that Passion Talks was not just a day long event. The reason why we had to have Passion Talks in the first place was to challenge the extremely secular academic culture that doesn’t give us space to talk about our faith in the same room where we discuss our research. So long us the secular academic culture remains, there will always be the need to have Passion Talks. However, it being impractical to have Passion Talks every other week, we have to take the spirit of Passion Talks to our daily working environment. The challenge I’m posing to us all is the following:

Would you consider making your next conference presentation at whatever professional meeting more in the spirit of a Passion Talks?

To clarify, I am not proposing that you get up on a stage and proclaim how you are Christian and Proud (even though that is my prayer for all of us), but rather, that you incorporate somet personal and spiritually significant element of your work into the presentation itself somehow; in an un-confrontational way, and see how God responds.

If you do that or have done that in the past and have gotten interesting responses or reactions, affirmation from God, or positive or negative reactions from people, would you consider sharing the experience with the rest of us by writing a blog on http://passiontalks.org * so that we will all be encouraged by your courage?

I am fully aware of the tendency by some event organizers to exaggerate the importance or significance of the even they helped organize, and I may be suffering from a bit of that. But, if you connect with even a little bit of what has happened at Passion Talks, why don’t we pray together that God would move powerfully, and do much more than a day long event?

* Currently the website doesn’t have the capacity for everyone to post a blog, so please contact Sherol to post.

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