Passion Talks 2013: Stanford Recap, Program, and Photos

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The Passion Talks conference was a tremendous success with 17 speakers flying in from as far as Boston and Phoenix. The conference is being reported back to a number of communities locally in the Bay Area and internationally. Below is the schedule of events along with the photos, and the digital copy of the program can be found here. We had 60 registered attendees and more who registered onsite. The topics went from personal to professional testimonies spanning the areas of neuroscience, computer vision, telecommunication, physics, cosmology, humanities, business, media, and many more. In addition to the professionals, over 5 universities were represented, including MIT, Berkeley, and Stanford.

We’ll be announcing the date for Passion Talks 2014 in a couple of months, so stay tuned!

9:00 – Keynote Speaker

10:30 Session I Talks

  • Technologies for Cooperation Across Diversity
  • Meeting the Other: Building Philological Muscle for a Better World
  • Wireless Communications: How God is Breaking Down Barriers
  • Artificial Intelligence: What Makes Us Human?
  • Computer Vision: The Image Pipeline and the Image of God
  • A Christian Start-up?  Learning from founding 4Soils

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Session II Talks

  • Physics: Probing the Top Quark
  • Astronomy: The Big Bang
  • Earth Science: Why God cares about environmental issues and so should you
  • Neuroscience: NeuroPhilosophy
  • Not Applicable: A Professional Testimony

3:30 Session III Talks

  • Serving God in Uniform
  • Preventing an Imposter from Stealing Your Identity
  • Dark Hollywood
  • Transmedia: The Hidden Power of God
  • Theology: What is Faith

5:30 Post Mortem + Idea Jam (1 hr)

6:30 Dinner


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