Here we go!

by Nicole Dickens

On Saturday, June 23rd, a diverse group of people gathered to hear speakers from 9 organizations share what they saw God doing in the Bay Area for our third Passion Dialogues event of this season. Reports ranged from church teams collaborating more effectively to help connect work and faith more succinctly, to organizations being Jesus’ hands and feet in the Tenderloin, to believers connecting with city officials to bring much needed solutions to the region, to ministries seeking to better equip believers to represent the cause of Christ in the greater world. There was talk of felling giants, of seeing people see the wonder of Christ for the first time and of using technology to better understand regional needs, as well as, connecting people in ways that will result in authentic, life-giving community. Old friends reconnected, new ones made, and all stepped away from the half-day seminar feeling hope-filled about God’s heart for and hands in this Bay Area. For a preview of some of the ideas sparked during the event, have a look here.

But we’ve only just begun! We at Passion Talks are consumed by the idea that a hope infusion is what’s on heaven’s agenda and we are positioning ourselves for an overflow of it with this year’s conference. As always, we are committed to bringing you thought provoking content at the intersection of work, passion and faith but the over-arching theme of this year’s conference will be focused on helping you perceive the Hope available to us in this day and in this world. After all, what we do reflects our passion for this Hope, Jesus. He is why we do what we do.

Be a part of THIS movement – join us on August 11, 2018 at Convergence House of Prayer for Passion Talks 2018. You wouldn’t want to miss this for the world! Early bird ends 7/15. The first 100 tickets sold will also receive access to the invite-only session at Google on August 10th, so sign up today!


Have a talk that you’re dying to give, consider submitting one for this year’s conference, it’s not too late. Final submission deadline is July 15, 2018.

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Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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