What Does it Mean to be Human?

Wendy Quay

Video: http://youtu.be/1uAVJk5C3iE

One of the biggest questions of life is “Who am I?” In the university, there are various models of what it means to be human, but most would deny or ignore the notion that our humanity is in any way dependent upon God. Athanasius saw our humanity as being intrinsically tied to our connection with God, and our turning away from God in the Fall as our “un-making”. I will talk about Athanasius’ theology of what it means to be human, and its implications for us both in our daily lives and specifically as academics.

I am employed by InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministries as the professional advisor for Stanford InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship. I obtained my Masters in Systematic Theology at Aberdeen University in 2010. Prior to that, I obtained a Bachelor of Theology (Oxford University), the Oxford Certificate of Christian Apologetics from Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and degrees in Law and Science at the University of Melbourne.

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