Who We Are and Why We Live…

Computer Science

My research area is in speech recognition, but I’m still pretty uncertain about future direction.

Short answer — I don’t know. I do realize that I’m in the prime of my youth, and I have a desire to pour my energy and strength into something beautiful in God’s eyes, but I don’t know what that looks like.


I am a cryogenics expert working on the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search. We are trying to detect particles that make up most of the mass of the Universe but have so far not been identified.

My immediate plan after graduation is to find a teaching job at a university somewhere. I hope to bring the scientific community closer to the source of Truth by being both a credible scientist and an effective Christian. I also have a strong desire to start homesteading for self-sufficiency, for my children and as a community building tool.

Electrical Engineering

I currently am working on robotics– my PhD thesis was about bio-inspired robots, and since then I’ve been working on low-cost humanoid robots. I’m generally interested in designing and making new things. As for vocation, I’m currently working toward being a professor. I’ve gone back-and-forth a lot about if I want to be a professor or not, but I think I do in the end.

I want to be a missional academic. I could see this taking place a couple ways. I could just be a professor at a normal university, quite possibly overseas, and could be a witness to my colleagues and students. It’s not enough to just “do the normal professor thing”, for it to be worth spending my life on it would have to be somewhere where it could reach people with the gospel who really need it. Or, I could be a professor in a country where people would not have access to education otherwise. I feel like education is one of the keys to lifting people out of poverty; it’s not really clear how to best go about doing that.

As for the question of “what could you give your life for”: I want to change nations. I want to impact lots and lots of people. I want to make something scalable, so it can be duplicated and go beyond just what I personally can do. I do think that education is one of the keys to helping the poor. I do want to bring about the kingdom of God on earth.


My PhD is in Philosophy with focus on Apologetics and Philosophy of Religions.

I’ve given my life towards helping people see that the gospel is reasonable and true.


I am working towards my PhD in Economics. I am currently working on research looking at cities and the effects that transportation infrastructure investments have on employment growth. I’m currently working to become a professor, but I’ll take whatever job I can get in the end.

I’d like to use my life as a way of motivating and inspiring others to live out their God-given callings and desires. As a teacher, I want people to learn from me, whether that be in economics or in a spiritual or other context. I hope to promote truth and authenticity (in love, of course!) in everything that I do.


I am working towards my PhD in Physics. My research goal is to provide quantitative constraints on the inflationary model of early universe. To do that, the group I am part of is building a telescope to detect the polarizations of the cosmic microwave background.

I want to be following God’s call wherever I find myself – in particular, I want to be serving the poor somewhat directly.


I have a M.A. in Education with emphasis on secondary mathematics. I teach high school math in a public comprehensive high school. I am pursuing learning about what it means to teach, what it means to learn, and how to facilitate opportunities for meaningful learning experiences. While I enjoy teaching, I also enjoy cultivating relationships with high school students and to be an adult that can encourage, support them and help them pursue their dreams and God-given potential.

My heart is to impact education in Africa. I believe every child in Africa should have the opportunity to go to school, especially girls. I believe that one of the best ways to impact education is through working directly with teachers and other leaders in the schools and community to design schools and classrooms that meet the needs of the students and the community. So many schools operate on a “factory” model where we bring students in, pour information into them, ask them to regurgitate it on the test, they move on to the next grade and repeat the cycle. The information has little connection to their everyday lives and it often seems irrelevant. What if instead of giving students information, we encourage them to ask questions, to investigate, and explore the issues happening around them? Then they seek the information they need in order to address those issues. Students are no longer seen as receptacles for information but active problem solvers that can bring about change in the community! Classrooms become an incubator for creative solutions that transform individuals, communities and the nation.


Ph.D. Education (dissertation work is on adoption)

To love orphans. I plan on choosing the trajectory that is best for the kids and will allow me to use my background to best serve them.


I’m working toward a medical degree–specialty uncertain but likely with a primary care bent. I work with a free clinic now and intend to work with underserved populations in the future…toward the goal of seeing them properly served and empowered to lead their communities, cities, and nation.

I would like to see heaven on earth. I could give my life to see authentic, powerful, life-changing love embraced by and expressed through everyday people.

Medicine & Bioengineering

I am working towards a MS in Medicine and PhD in Bioengineering. My focus is on medical technology for diagnostic and therapeutic means geared toward low-resource settings.

I desire to partner with others in solving some on the most intractable challenges in global health. With God’s guidance, I envision myself living, serving and loving people in disadvantaged settings to partner with them in addressing health and development problems.

Scandinavian Studies

I have my PhD in Scandinavian Studies, specializing in Old Norse, Folklore. Currently working in Cultural Memory theory, Heritage studies.

I love teaching, and would like to touch lives that way throughout my life. More interested in creative writing though. Tough balancing both. In both areas I am interested in developing minds and hearts, particularly in terms of our ability to engage with that which is Other to us in both critical and sympathetic ways.

Medical Research

My graduate work focused primarily on developing computational methods to study how a drug or mutation at one location on an enzyme might affect what happens at another location. Pfizer is currently using this software to understand how certain molecules alter enzyme function in drug discovery efforts.

I am currently a postdoc working to improve the methods I developed as a graduate student and apply them to studying an important class of signaling proteins implicated in a number of diseases including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

I am working towards being a professor at a research university or research institution, ideally affiliated with a university. ” I want to bear witness of Jesus Christ to scientists and international students. I want to give my life to the making and building up followers of Christ, to helping make Jesus’s kingdom come and bring transformation and redemption to academia, and to encouraging other brothers and sisters in science and in academia. I feel called to be a professor who does research and who mentors students, postdocs, and ultimately other faculty members. I want to also build collaborations with scientists in other countries, especially in east Asia (where I currently have collaborations with two professors); these collaborations promote not only mutual understanding, respect, and peace among our cultures, but also provide an incarnational presentation of Christ. I want to encourage greater interactions and exchange between brothers and sisters of different denominations to build up the body of Christ and together reflect the extent of who He is, as one body striving for the gospel with Jesus as its head. I feel that part of my calling includes not only raising up brothers and sisters whom I might befriend, mentor, and/or disciple, but also serving Jesus alongside a wife and together raising children who will follow hard after Jesus.

Computer Science

I’m working towards my PhD in Computer Science, specifically Artificial Intelligence in interactive experiences, digital entertainment, and video games. My work is focused on formal models of storytelling and how variations based off of supplementary changes can hold ideological significance.

I believe that all of creation has been redeemed, and that, as stewards of this world, we exist for the purpose of restoration. I live in the reality that through a right relationship with God and a right identity of who we are, that we are fully equipped to solve all the problems in our world today. I see technology and media as an efficient vehicle to be used to towards these ends. I desire to see this Love amplified through the unity of professionals and experts, faithfully using their talents and resources.


I am working on my Ph.d. in theoretical particle physics, or high energy theory. I study the top quark, the heaviest of the fundamental particles we have discovered.

I want to follow the Lord Jesus to Calvary. I want to do Physics as a way of being obedient, knowing that he is my master and employer.