Submit A Talk And Attend These Workshops

Passion Talks is committed to bringing you content that will help you have impact at the intersection of faith, work and calling. In preparation for Passion Talks 2021, we will be holding two virtual workshops open to this year’s conference participants.

Wholeness and Activation: Inverted Church: KDSC (Kingdom, Discipleship, Society, Church) on Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 10am

We tend to think of church as a place we attend. What if church is anywhere and everywhere? In today’s workshop, I’d like to look at church as a byproduct of great discipleship. Someone once said, “Plant a church and you may or may not get disciples”, “Make disciples and you’ll always get the church.”

One of Jesus’ disciples, Peter, preached an incredible sermon and on that day 3,000 people came to faith. Not knowing where to do with all these people, Peter put them in homes. The church was born on this day. The Church emerged out of Kingdom, Discipleship, and Society

In this workshop, we want to show you how you can do what Jesus did – K, D, S, C. Your company, neighborhood, and schools will never be the same. This workshop is open to anyone who submits a talk for this year’s conference.

Dave Chae – Executive Director at Connect Silicon Valley and Chief Executive Advisor at Ai-Blockchain, a global tech company in Hoboken, NJ. 

INFINITE STORIES: You have a million stories in you, let’s learn to tell ’em on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 10am

There’s something really cool about sharing something you’re passionate about — like your new crush, or that movie you saw with the crazy twist ending, or even your vision for how the world could be better — and having it resonate with the people you’re telling it to. But too often we get in our own way, because we’ve been socialized to be quiet, to nerd out less, to play small for fear of standing out. So, if you want to tell engaging stories that keep audiences hooked and inspire them to think or act differently, without feeling like we’re selling yourself out in the process, then we have to get back in touch with the part of ourselves that knows how to unapologetically express what resonates deeply within ourselves. This workshop is the place to start and is open to all Speakers at this year’s conference.

Carter Morgan – Standup Comedian, Developer advocate for Google Cloud, One of his mother’s 3 favorite sons (allegedly), Public Speaking Coach. 

Be sure to submit your talk today!

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