Passion Talks 2020: Call for Participation

Passion Talks 2020 (think TED Talks from a faith perspective) is open for submissions, due July 1st!

Are you passionate about a certain subject and wish you saw content from a faith perspective? Do you wish to see believers leading the way in science, innovation, and technology? Passion Talks might be for you!

This year’s session themes will span vocation, education, passion, technology, and justice. In addition to the August 14-15 online event, we are also offering 3 workshops.

Passion Talks 101: Cultivating Your Passion

This information session will define and explain what Passion Talks are. It’s open to all people who are interested in learning about cultivating and communicating their passions. We will summarize lessons learned from a decade of presenting our passions at Passion Talks.

Sherol Chen. Her PhD work is in Computer Science, researching storytelling and Artificial Intelligence at the Expressive Intelligence Studio. Currently, Sherol is working on applied research in AI-enabled believable characters for the Stadia gaming platform at Google. Sherol is also a founding member of the Google Inter-Belief Network and serves as an inaugural steering committee member for the Google Christian Fellowship.  Sherol is also the founder of Passion Talks, stewarding the faith and work movement for over a decade. She has also been recently invited to serve on the Lausanne Movement Workplace Ministry Advisory Board.

DATE: June 27th. Saturday. 12:30-1:30 PM Pacific

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Hurt, Healed, and Whole: Finding Wholeness

This workshop will be for anyone who submits to this year’s Passion Talks. In order to live a life worthy of the callings we’ve received, we seek healing and wholeness. In this workshop, Sherrie Grabot will be discussing her studies and practice with Bible-based healing through practices like Heartsync. This session welcomes people of all faiths, but will be entirely within Christian principles. Although different Christian denominations have differing views on healing, this workshop is open to people who are curious to hear about a CEO’s pursuit of wholeness and to simply listen without participation. As always with Passion Talks, we welcome different points of view as long as people are open to humble dialog.

Sherrie Grabot. Sherrie E. Grabot serves as Chief Executive Officer of GuidedChoice Inc. Prior to GuidedChoice, Ms. Grabot developed some of the earliest technology systems for 401(k) plans at Apple, T. Rowe Price, and Trust Company of the West. With experience as both a former plan sponsor and plan provider, Ms. Grabot has a strong understanding of what participants and retirement plans require to succeed. In the 1980s, she was responsible for building some of the earliest 401(k) software products and recordkeeping systems. In the early 1990s she was the first to automate a 401(k) plan at the desktop. As Manager of HR Systems and Financial Programs at Apple Computer, Inc., she spearheaded the automation of Apple’s 401(k) plan. She then joined T. Rowe Price as Vice President and Regional Client Manager, responsible for their West Coast institutional practice.

DATE: July 11, Saturday. 12:30-3:00 PM Pacific

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Speaking About Your Passions: Speaker Training

This workshop will be for anyone who submits to this year’s Passion Talks.

Session 0: Presenting Virtually:

The audience isn’t just watching the presentation, they’re also listening. Stories and words are only two parts of building a powerful presentation, the rest are about how you look and how you sound. The face and body are two powerful ways to communicate mood and emotion, but they aren’t the only ones. Even if you are seen on video, it’s much harder to “read your mood.” But that hasn’t stopped people laughing, crying, or feeling exhilarated when reading a book or hearing a podcast. Your voice is a powerful tool in addition to your words. In this part you’ll learn how tone, pitch, volume, pacing, and even silence can be extremely powerful in producing the mood you want and in keeping the audience engaged.

Session 1: The Mechanism of Story

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years and although the technologies have changed, the basic structure of story remains the same. That’s because good stories connect with the way our brains work. This session covers the mechanism of good stories including: – What makes a story interesting – The Story Curve: The structure behind stories – How a story progresses – What to include in stories, what to leave out, and how to make the choice

Session 2: Designing Stories

This session builds on the material from session 1 teaching a methodology for designing stories. The session is a mix of teaching and hands on time giving you the chance to start creating the story you want to tell. After this session you will have a tool to: – Capturing life events that can be part of a stories – Organizing events into engaging stories – Ordering events – Creating the story you want while avoiding the “blank page” syndrome

Session 3: Presenting Stories

Content is only one of four parts of a presentation. Two more are your body and your voice. Use them well and you can take people from the depths of despair to the heights of joy. Those people are the fourth, part, the audience. This session covers how to present including: – Starting the presentation before reaching the podium – Using the voice: cadence, timing, pitch, volume, and silence – Producing emotions and creating an emotion map – Reading audience engagement – Regaining engagement

Maurice Sharp. Maurice has been mentoring people in “soft skills” for over 25 years. These skills include designing and delivering stories to engage and mobilize teams, customers, and others. Maurice’s background includes over 6 years in theatre, where he learned the physical side of presentations, a skill he’s used to give presentations to audiences varying from just a few to over 5,000.

DATE: July 18, Saturday. 12:30-4:30 PM Pacific

Register by Submitting a Talk

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