Passion Talks 2020: ‘Vocation and Virtue in the era of COVID19’


They say “Hindsight is 20/20” —  meaning that sometimes only when looking back are we able to clearly recognize the mistakes and root problems of the past. The trouble is that in recent years our high-speed culture has usually kept us too busy to reflect much on the past in the first place! 

Yet the advent of COVID-19 has changed all that — the ubiquitous quarantine orders bringing our normal lives to a grinding halt. Now the very institutions on which our world depends have been thoroughly disrupted. Suddenly no matter who we are, we’re faced with questions of life and death, work and unemployment, community and isolation. 

It is within this harrowing context that humanity takes a great pause — while the economic, spiritual, and psychosocial realities we’ve been avoiding finally catch up to us. During our shelter in place questions bubble up to the surface of our minds:

  • What does it mean to be an ‘essential’ worker? 
  • Who receives honor, help, and value in our society? 
  • Where are our resources best deployed to help communities thrive? 
  • When are technological solutions the best option to heal, connect, and empower us? 
  • How can our work meaningfully contribute to a world crying out for restoration and civil righteousness?

Here at Passion Talks we’ve been committed to providing you thought-provoking content that sends you in search of your own passion+faith stories. This year our conference theme is  ‘Vocation and Virtue in the Era of COVID-19’. 

In the trials of this season we want to highlight stories of grief, resilience, passion, and vision. We look forward to hearing from folks on the frontlines, and from online. Personal stories of how our work lives are evolving, our understanding of vocation is evolving, and how people in tech and people in the church are learning from each other. 

We hope you will join us this year as we seek to allow God to fuel our passions into a flame of love and truth to bless our neighbors, our communities, and our world. 

Visit the Main Passion Talks 2020 Website.


  • July 1: Talks Submissions Due
  • July 15: Speakers Announced
  • August 14-15: Main Event

– John and Angelo, Conference Chairs 2020

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