Speaker Training Series – Postponed

Hi everyone,

We will be postponing this series until sometime during early summer in light of these unprecedented times we find ourselves. Keep checking back here, social media and your emails for updates. Thank you so much for your support. Stay safe and stay well!

Whether it’s The Gettysburg Address, “I have a dream” speech, or even the introduction of the iPhone, great presentations are also great stories. And like any story, there is a storyteller, someone who conducts the audience through the symphony of their story. This three session series teaches you how to create a story that connects with the ways our brains work, a methodology for designing those stories, and an understanding of how to present those stories and how an audience has read you before you’ve even said a word.  Come to all three or the ones that speak most to you, as each session is designed to focus on one aspect of storytelling.

Session 1: The Mechanism of Story POSTPONED

Saturday, February 29 – Sunnyvale, CA – 10am

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years and although the technologies have changed, the basic structure of story remains the same. That’s because good stories connect with the way our brains work. This session covers the mechanism of good stories including: – What makes a story interesting – The Story Curve: The structure behind stories – How a story progresses – What to include in stories, what to leave out, and how to make the choice 

Session 2: Designing Stories 

Saturday, April 4 – Sunnyvale, CA – 10am

This session builds on the material from session 1 teaching a methodology for designing stories. The session is a mix of teaching and hands on time giving you the chance to start creating the story you want to tell. After this session you will have a tool to: – Capturing life events that can be part of a stories – Organizing events into engaging stories – Ordering events – Creating the story you want while avoiding the “blank page” syndrome 


Session 3: Presenting Stories 

Saturday, May 9 – Sunnyvale, CA – 10am

Content is only one of four parts of a presentation. Two more are your body and your voice. Use them well and you can take people from the depths of despair to the heights of joy. Those people are the fourth, part, the audience. This session covers how to present including: – Starting the presentation before reaching the podium – Using the voice: cadence, timing, pitch, volume, and silence – Producing emotions and creating an emotion map – Reading audience engagement – Regaining engagement 


Maurice Sharp, Facilitator

Maurice has been mentoring people in “soft skills” for over 25 years. These skills include designing and delivering stories to engage and mobilize teams, customers, and others. Maurice’s background includes over 6 years in theatre, where he learned the physical side of presentations, a skill he’s used to give presentations to audiences varying from just a few to over 5,000.

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