Passion Talks 2020 is August 14th-15th

Mark your calendars for August 14th -15th for Passion Talks 2020. We heard your feedback and are returning to the two day conference format. As always, we are committed to providing you thought-provoking content that sends you in search of your own passion+faith stories.

This year’s theme: Vocational Dialogues 

God has designed each of us for vocation — a calling wherein we pursue fulfilling work that contributes in some way to human flourishing. His Holy Spirit empowers us to do this work with purpose and intentionality, so that it may be a blessing to ourselves, our neighbors, and our world. Therefore Vocational Dialogue is a discussion of both the WHY and the HOW of our work — to share the sources of inspiration and virtues that help us find and pursue our vocation.


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