Passion Talks 2019 Conference Videos are here!

On August 23rd we gathered an audience of 130+ in Sunnyvale to hear 12 speakers share about their life’s passion, each attendee receiving an invitation to participate and co-create alongside God in His redeeming work in their respective fields. 

From the genesis of our organization in 2009 until today, we’ve experienced a decade of the Lord’s faithfulness in making this God-dream a reality, steering thousands of men and women towards faith-filled and purpose-driven models of impact they can leverage with their communities. Along the way we’ve hosted speakers like Bible App Co-founder Terry Storch, Barna Director David Kinnaman, and Iris Global CEO Heidi Baker. Even so, our most cherished participants are you and all who are reading this — our community. 

Each year the Passion Talks© team has launched into conference planning, we’ve asked God what theme He’d like our speakers to highlight in their presentations. On this 10-year anniversary we distinctly felt led to focus on Restorative Dialogue, which hinges upon the truth that when our passions are connected to our faith they have the capacity to change the world.

Within the larger story of God’s restoration, we wanted to encourage folks to invent the future of what impact looks like beyond what they see as the current status quo. Therefore our first cohort of speakers challenged the audience to strategize at the national scale for how to restore justice — tackling systemic poverty, lack of legal access for the poor, and how to overcome the dysfunctions of the foster care system together. 

Next we zeroed in on how to impact our regional communities — introducing a cohort of speakers advocating for community service, mental health, and bridge-building initiatives between like-minded professionals. 

Then we brought the focus even closer to home to understand the Silicon Valley workplace — highlighting the necessity of creative leadership, moral courage, and technological literacy in order to be effective witnesses in today’s culture. 

Finally we gave the platform to three inspiring wavemakers, who left us with their wisdom and ample encouragement on how to overcome disabilities, cultural barriers, and personal doubts in order to fulfill our individual callings and share the Gospel with both truth and love.

With the release of the videos from this transformative day together we invite you to replay your favorite talks, prayerfully consider our speakers’ calls to action, and ask the Lord how He’s uniquely positioned you to join in the restorative dialogue too. 

If you are new to the Passion Talks© community don’t be a stranger! Like us on Facebook to stay updated with our events and send us your feedback or questions here 

We’re grateful for your partnership and leading into the Thanksgiving season wish you and your families a time of rejuvenation and refreshing in the Presence of the Lord and one another. 


–Passion Talks International 


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