Identity, Ideology, Innovation

by Daniel Yoo
PT ’18 Session Chair

As the foundation of our faith, our identities are wrapped up uniquely and solely on Christ’s imputation.  We are, all of us, children and heirs of God, and that is where we must begin. Without this grounding, Silicon Valley is a beautiful, yet terrible place to be.  Filled with hopes of riches and dreams of creation, brilliant and talented men and women pour in from across the globe. Yet few find fulfillment. Those old promises ring so hollow. Who we are is not based on our skills, talents, and achievements but solely on Christ’s imputation. That is our greatest gift and our greatest hope.

Where do we go from there? I’ve had the great privilege of chairing the Ideology track for Passion Talks 2018.  As the resident contrarian of the team (maybe), I had hoped to make everyone in the room just a bit uncomfortable. It is so easy to surround ourselves with people that agree with us to a startling degree.  The brainchildren of Silicon Valley – Facebook, Google, etc… – all provide ways to help isolate us.  But if we are all the children of God, then it is worth exploring the different thoughts the different parts of the body of Christ have. Monoculture (and mono thought) leads to mono solutions. And there are more than enough problems in the world for all of us to dive into. Therefore, let us unite together beyond what our background culture and nation expect us to be capable of.

Only then, with the tumultuous tides and clashes of differing ideologies and ideas can we then set to do our task.  The brain trust of Silicon Valley is the brain trust of the world. This is the great hill on which ideas and innovation flow down from. Let us as Christians learn from one another as we make great strides to innovate to bring glory to the Kingdom of God.  My hope is that every single person in attendance received at least a faint stirring of hope.  From our anchor in identity to the chaotic splashes of different ideologies, may our Passion Talks provide a springboard for new innovation.

Please do reach out to connections made both new and old, and join hands to create hope in this hopeless land. I look forward to reconvening next year to spread new stories and new workings of God in our midst.  But until then, come.  We all have our work to do.

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