Welcome to Passion Talks 2018

Welcome to Passion Talks 2018!


“Concretely, I saw what seemed like a youth-lock-in meets an academic conference meets a TED talk.”

It’s been a whole 10 years since I first shared the vision of Passion Talks. In 2010, we began as a simple gathering space for faith-filled intellectuals to dialogue and explore various topics through God’s lens. And by His grace, it’s continually grown in number of both speakers and attendees.

Every year, we get feedback from people saying they were hugely inspired by the talks given, or that they had never thought of topics such as engaging culture through God-inspired art, ministering to comic con attendees, God’s hand in job hunting, or how the Bible can inform our view of AI.

What we’ve discovered again and again that something you have to share just might change someone’s life. Every year, speakers are selected based on novelty, clarity of talk title and abstract, credibility in professional bio, authenticity in statement of faith, and feedback on previous talks given.

Today, Passion Talks has grown into a 2-day gathering where Christians share 10-15-minute talks about faith in relation to their passions, academics, and professional insights – such as science, tech, education, arts, business, medicine, justice, and modern expressions and examples of faith. Passion Talks is open to anyone – especially those interested in the intersection of intellectual and faith pursuits. The main audience usually comes from the intellectual and faith communities (primarily Christian).

We’ve had amazing testimonies from people who’ve been inspired by past Passion Talks, as well as speakers expressing gratitude for getting a platform to share things that matter deeply to them. We’re both curious and excited for how God will continue to move in more people’s hearts through Passion Talks this year. May you be inspired by how faith relates to a limitless variety of topics

Sherol Chen, Conference Chair

The digital program can be found here: program.passiontalks.org

You can still get a ticket for the event:




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