An Invitation to Be Known

by Christeen Rico
PT ’18 Session Chair

Hi, nice to meet you. What do you do? 

Conversations in Silicon Valley often start this way. Whether consciously or subconsciously, people become known and accepted by what they do. What they do becomes who they are. Over time, a broken culture is perpetuated that puts a premium on projects over people, results over relationships, and efficiency over empathy. Silicon Valley’s historical achievements are at the forefront while the alienation that many people feel is largely ignored.

Passion Talks 2018 offers hope to restore our broken culture. This year’s conference will not only promote leading technology, innovation, and ideas — it will offer space to be known and to celebrate people for who they are.

After all, each of us has an unique story that has been written in such a way for a reason. Censoring our story out of fear, shame, convenience or pressure to belong is a disservice to humanity. When we consider our identity as irrelevant and refuse to live it out, we rob ourselves of joy; we rob others a chance to belong; and we rob the world of opportunities for innovation that only we can bring.

Passion Talks 2018 is excited to host faith-driven speakers who unapologetically embrace their identity and steward it intentionally so that everything they do is a statement of who they are. We hope our guests will not only be inspired by the stories of our speakers but will come with a willingness to let their stories be known, too.

An invitation to start conversations differently 

  • How would you describe your identity in 6 words?
  • When you arrive at Passion Talks, introduce yourself by your name and your 6 words
  • Invite other people you meet to share their 6 words, too

Hello, my name is Christeen Rico and I am a “Daughter of the King of Kings.” 

Join us for Passion Talks 2018 on Saturday, August 11th at Convergence House of Prayer. The first 100 ticket purchasers will also be invited to join us at the half-day event at Google on August 10th. Be sure to get your tickets today!


Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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