Dream Brighter

by Shamichael Hallman
PT ’18 Session Chair

The role of hope, and the need for hope, has perhaps never been as important as it is today. Poverty, violence, and increasing division, among other things have created a longing for something better and brighter. Maya Angelou, one of our country’s greatest poets and activist once said, “if you desire a better future, you must first build a brighter dream.” Passion Talks 2018 will be an opportunity for some to present a brighter future. With a theme centered on hope-filled dialogue, it will be an opportunity for us to be challenged, stretched, and uplifted to use our passions, skills, and giftings to be salt and light. It’s my prayer and hope that you will be able to join us for what will be an amazing event!

This year I, along with Marc Krejci, are session chairs for the Innovation Track. As I think through the word innovation, the one question that comes to mind is “what’s possible?” Whether it’s technology that allows us to bridge a divide among people groups, creating solutions that can bring about healing, or putting a new twist on an existing product, innovation drives us to be creative. For Passion Talks 2018, we intend on bringing you talks that will help the audience think beyond the realm of current possibilities. We also seek to curate talks that will provide inspiration, encouragement, and hope. Passion Talks is so much more than a weekend. It is a growing ecosystem that is not only providing a platform for speakers, but also fostering ideas that have the potential to shape our communities and society in bold new ways.

This will be my second year being a part of Passion Talks and I couldn’t be more excited! What has most resonated with me about this event is the coming together of a variety of people with various backgrounds to share what drives them and why, or even more importantly, Who. May the world see our work, hope, and passion, and be inspired to create a better tomorrow.

Join us for Passion Talks 2018 on Saturday, August 11th at Convergence House of Prayer. Early bird pricing ends on July 15th! The first 100 ticket purchasers will also be invited to join us at the half-day event at Google on August 10th. Be sure to get your tickets today!



Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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