Passion Talks 2017 Registration Opens and Keynote Announced


Nancy Ortberg, CEO of Transforming the Bay with Christ, will be keynoting Passion Talks at Google. Submissions are now under review by the committee and the complete list of accepted talks will be announce in the next couple weeks. To see the early acceptances click here.

Registration is now opened for the August 5th conference. This year’s theme explores how our faith motivates our passions and how our passions inform our faith. We are looking at four themes this year: Justice, Education, Creativity, and Science and Innovation.

Passion Talks this year is partnered with Nancy Duarte, CEO, and Duarte Persuasive Presentation Experts. We hope to bring expertise and training for our speaker community for them to flourish in their passions.

Join us as students, PhD’s, CEO’s, engineers, entrepreneurs, and artists tell their professional stories of faith. Get your ticket now!

Eventbrite - Passion Talks 2017

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