PassionChats #008: Analog Panel On Redesigning Church In The Digital Era

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In this special live episode at Google, Pastor Marc Krejci of Analog invited Dr. Ernie and panelists from PassionTalks and D-Church to discuss redesigning the concept and practice of church in the digital era.


The modern church was born in the era of electronic broadcasting: sound systems, radio, and television. This enabled it to solve certain tasks (e.g., teaching, worship music, announcing events) incredibly well. In this new era of digital communication, can we design structures that are as effective at solving other challenges, such as mobilizing members for evangelism, discipleship, and outreach?


  • Dr. Ernest Prabhakar, physicist and entrepreneur, who spent 17 years at Apple driving adoption of UNIX and Open Source.
  • Bret Staudt Willet, Director of Ministry in Digital Spaces at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, as well as a PhD student at Michigan State University researching video games, social media, and social capital.
  • Sherol Chen, a Developer Advocate at Google focusing on machine learning tools and games product groups, founded the Passion Talks Conference which bridges intellectual practices and faith communities.
  • Bill Breck, Apple consultant and CEO of big data consumer engagement platform; passionate for creating communities of grace and fellowship.
  • Greg Davis, an experienced for-profit and non-profit executive leader, currently at the Arbinger Institute, motivated by leading people to live a fully integrated spiritual life.
  • Kevin McFarland, strategic partnerships manager at Coursera and previous strategy and new business executive at Accenture. He is passionate about transformational education and, in his spare time, advises Christian graduate schools on new models for christian education and discipleship.

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