A Glimpse into Passion Talks 2014, Berkeley

We’ve had a few meetings (about four) in regards to Passion Talks 2014. Here’s what we know for sure:

  • Passion Talks 2014 will be in Berkeley, California
  • We will open for abstract submissions for talks soon, deadline at end of April
  • The extended abstract submissions deadline will be end of July
  • The conference will be a one day event with more than one track
This was the Post-Mortem meeting for Passion Talks 2013, Stanford
The first planning meeting for Passion Talks 2014 with reps from Stanford, Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz.
Our recent meeting to finalize logistics before sending out the call for participation.
We estimated that there were about 60 in attendance to the last Passion Talks.
We project about 100-150 for this coming Passion Talks Conference.
Our cap is at 150 due to space constraints.
The conclusion of our meeting held in Berkeley, CA.
(Right after the meeting) My fortune from dinner 🙂

In the works:

  • We are trying to collect information about Passion Talks International
  • We will be compiling a journal for the talk extended abstracts
  • We will be posting a template for extended abstracts after the April deadline

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