Designs by Kathleen Kralowec – Our Passion Talks Logo

Part of bringing together a community of awesome and talented people is seeing how awesomely talented they are. The extent of my graphic design ability is going to, finding some font, typing in the text, and taking a screen shot of the (black and white) logo. Luckily, there are people who committed their lives to understanding art, color schemes, and typography– here are the professional logo candidates designed by Kathleen.

Here’s some more feedback from Wendy:

Hi Sherol

Hehe – Passion Talks are going worldwide! 🙂

An IFES person has drafted this article for their newsletter, and it’s going mostly to staff advisors I think, but also some students.

Could you look it over and send me any additions/corrections etc you’d like to suggest?

Also, since she wrote this I’ve gotten your emails about the conference – looks great! 🙂 and saw you’ve been blogging. Feel free to pass on your links if you’d like me to send them to this person as well.


PS – I’ll catch up with Kassa this week or next so I can chat with him more about the conference. 🙂

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