A Heidi Baker Recap

The main seating section on the first floor was filled with an additional +30 in the balcony.

I’d estimate that there were about 500 people who attended the Heidi Baker event at Stanford University. Prior to the event, 486 tickets were reserved. People came from as north as UC Davis and flew in from as south as UC San Diego. There were about 20 from UC Santa Cruz, 20 from Berkeley, 20 from Davis, and 20 from UC San Francisco, with disciplines of Medical, Dental, Computer Science, (a variety of) Engineering, Anthropology, Business, Physics, Music, and Economics (to name a few).

At 5:00, there was a smaller meeting of about 25 (mostly) PhD students. To come to this meeting, students had stated what it was they were doing in their vocation: (http://reclaimtalks.wordpress.com/people/). After listening to all of our passions, Heidi shared about the very practical needs of her work. We have this recorded and will post as soon as it is available.

At the 7:00 meeting, Heidi talked to the 500 person audience about the spirit of adoption and told story after story about her experiences in Mozambique (sharing similar stories she told at 5:00, but to a broader audience). She asked again and again, “where are the doctors? where are the engineers?”

Towards the end of the night, she called up students to state their destinies, and for every other person who felt a similar destiny, they were to come up on stage and pray with one another. By the end of the night, half of the audience seemed to be on stage.

Lives being changed…

Thanks to Chi Alpha for hosting us. Stay tuned for much more of this to come!

– Sherol

Other feedback that I received via facebook and e-mail:

how’d everything go? i saw heidi at h rock right before she flew up to stanford! i’m so excited to hear what God has done!

Thanks so so much for bringing Heidi Baker to come speak to us. The event was EPIC. During the time of prayer God took away my fear and anxiety about my career and increased my faith in that regard. The Spirit came upon me quite significantly.

I saw you from the distance on Fri night but didn’t get a chance to say hi because I left at 9:30pm due to the cold I’ve been battling all week. It was inspiring to hear Heidi Baker. Thank you for giving me her book during the retreat. While I was in bed pretty much all day yesterday, I picked it up and read almost a half of the book. I am humbled and inspired.

She was fantastic! I hope you will have pod cast? I want to share her fun and miraculous stories!

I was so touched by this and hearing Heidi! Thank you for hosting her!!

Heidi, once again, did not disappoint. I was so blessed by what she had to say, praying for others, and being prayed for. I was unable to sleep that night as Holy Spirit continued to work. Thank you for inviting her to Stanford. I believe her visit has changed the atmosphere at Stanford.

Heidi Baker + Stanford + Colossians 1… Amazing 🙂

Good job, everyone!! Awesome night… Many lives impacted for eternity. This was beyond awesome.

Amazing night! Got to meet Heidi Baker.

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful evening!!!

thanks for inviting me to the talk today. dr baker has definitely done some pretty amazing stuff

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