Stanford’s Sponsoring Group, Chi Alpha, Makes the Official Heidi Baker Announcement

We are expecting people from as north as UC Davis to as south as UC San Diego flying into the bay area to attend this event. Within the first day of the Chi Alpha announcement, 110 tickets were already reserved out of the ~600 seats available.

This is the official announcement from the group hosting Heidi Baker:

Chi Alphans,

We mentioned this at the end of last quarter, but now we’ve got some details for you.

We will be hosting Heidi Baker at 7pm next Friday (April 13th) in Cemex Auditorium.

We are doing free tickets for the event – this is to guarantee that we can offer priority seating to students. We expect a large crowd as Heidi is very famous within the circles she is famous in. 🙂

So if you want me to hold a ticket for you, reply and let me know. Also feel free to have me hold tickets for friends you want to bring. This will not be a lecture – we will worship and then Heidi will share. Your non-Christian friends are more than welcome – just be sure that they know what to expect.

If you are not familiar with Heidi’s ministry, she is a dynamic missionary to Mozambique. Iris Ministries, which she and her husband founded, feeds 10,000 children a day and has planted over 10,000 churches. Those are not typos. She has a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from King’s College in London. You can learn more at

You should know that while most missionaries have stories of God’s remarkable answers to prayers, Heidi’s experience is a step beyond that. You can get a sense of the sort of stories she might share at


P.S. Although the tickets are free, we will ask for a voluntary, pressure-free $10 donation at the door – all proceeds beyond our expenses will go to Iris Ministries.

Official PDF flyer: Event Poster

Facebook Event:

Please email to reserve tickets.

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